Friday, 22 May 2009

Blogular Memorandum

At Brass Bureau headquarters in the SOTA House common room in uptown Victoria, the walls and floors are slowly being dismantled as a team of highly diligent demolition staff tear apart the building, piece by piece, into a surreal apocalyptic movie set, insulation pouring from the ceilings, bare pipes, exposed and groaning in the open.

Here, amongst the chaos, bureau members rifle through a swamp of notes and scrawling on dozens of napkins, coasters, magazine ads and forearms. Even while the headquarters are being dismantled around them, the Bureau is hard at work, preparing for the next release.

A meeting today between executives of Brass Bureau Publications today marked a turning point for the BBTI initiative. Editor in Chief, B. Baksza, handed down a series of memorandums to the production department, changing the direction of the blog's capacity, questionably, for the better.

This follows reception of news that the material being produced had been leaked, in recent weeks, to members of the editor's family. The editor's response ensures readers that this change was well-in-coming but that news of their newly extended readership meant that any sway toward offering more "adult oriented content" would have to be weighed in against consequences.

"Still", he continues, "The fallout from one man's personal and familial life has no weight againts genuine journalistic integrety and our obligations against censorship and literary restraint... This department will be as alienated as it needs to be!"

And, in release following the meeting: "In an act of poor linguistic etiquette, we're using a new word: 'Blogular'. The material of late has been more articular, but in the spirit of the internet, we're going more blogular."

According to production, this means that articles should be expected more frequently, with more pictures, more nudity and more profanity, prompting the photography department to outfit themselves with a new arsenal of photographic hardware. Budget concerns hold some influence on how long this re-outfitting is going to take.

Already, work has started on a short treatise of the phrase "Stupid Bitch", in hopes of kickstarting The bureau's next leg of adventures.

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